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Please, read me...

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 22, 2013, 12:15 AM
Twitter Zivity

If you already read and/or left a comment (Thanks!!! :heart:) scroll down to the *last* bolded message =).

Took me more than a week to make the decision and post this here. More than a rant or whatever this looks like, I would like to put on the table a topic not everyone is able to deal with: Cosplay and "bigger girls", plus my experience about that.

Some of you already know where all this is heading to, and to others, it may be even uncomfortable. Why?
-Because you can be a "fanboy" of the person I will talk about here.
-You dislike too, the fact of these big girls cosplaying around, as the character you would like to f*ck, making her look like if it is not so desirable anymore.
-You don't wanna do harm by saying what you do really think. not everyone is that way, tho...
-Or because you heard of "pretty cosplayers" insulting bigger chicks and you don't care.

Before I begin, let me state a few things: I am aware of the way I look, I am aware of the fact that I'm not flashy at all, but still I used to go to conventions as a Cosplayer (Never went to the contests; It was just for fun).

At a convention some years ago, (in 2008, to be more specific...) I decided to go with my now ex -gladly-, wearing a costume that took more than 2 months to be done. I don't know about technical ways to craft clothes, but I still do make my costumes (or fix my clothes), and this one didn't look bad at all, so people asked for pictures.

From one minute to another I was surrounded by at least 15 people, asking things, taking pictures, etc. Suddenly, a girl approached just to scream at me, insulting me and of course, telling things to the people asking for pictures...

What did she say exactly?:
-"Why are you cosplaying? You are an ugly fat cow!"
-"You should be taking pictures of us! Not to this thing!"
-"Don't be stupid! Take pictures to us, real cosplayers!"
-"You look horrible; Understand! You look ridiculous and make us feel bad"
...Along with other things I don't remember well... Oh, and she was with some other chick too.

My ex-boyfriend just told me that I was taking it too serious, and that actually, she said something that was true. After that, I have never been on a convention again and of course, I still feel like if what she said it is true.

Years after that, a "friend" called me on December 2012, and told me that a cosplayer girl talked shit about me in front of a dozen of people (This person told me who she was): Called me a cow and said that my boyfriend +watched her over here, and she was +watching him too (which it was indeed true); She asked these people to tell me that, my man actually wanted a girl like *her*, and not someone fat and ugly like me... That I should try to look like her if I could, because He added every single picture of her to his favourites and who knows what else He would do with them (And honestly, at this point, if He did or does, I don't care... He knows that). That, it is harsh... Believe me. Took me a few hours to recover from that to tell him about this situation.

I wish it was the only thing; In the last 9 months, I have been trying to ignore phone calls and messages on Facebook, where some kind of ...people -who needs to get a life (it seems)- reminds me that I'm not precisely a pretty and skinny girl to cosplay or to even get a boyfriend :confused: (That last one is fresh and new, from yesterday! -It is only 2:46am here-). Once I got threating messages on Facebook too, from profiles that are currently deleted... Said clearly "If we see you on a convention, we will punch you and destroy your costume, too", and more.

About a week ago, I received some kind of screenshot on Whatsapp, from a phone number I didn't have registered; When I tried to reply back, they were gone, I suppose. What's the content of the screenshot? A note sent through deviantArt, from my boyfriend to her, which said the following: "I had to block you because my girlfriend is jealous of your amazing cosplays and how beautiful you are. I still will follow your work. Sorry". It was sent on April 29th 2013 as you can see here:….

I don't feel that way... I am aware of her "talent", but I guess that they went too far, by sending me such a thing, no matter if it is fake or not... The good new, it is the following: According to one of my best friends' investigation of 10 minutes, the first part was written using Google Translator :lol:, and the second matches *nothing* coherent. Oh yes... There is no need to ask what I would do if I find out that He really sent said note (which, He knows will be taken as a betrayal and that means an instant break-up, too!). And if it is fake... Don't you have any other things to do? :sad:...

Hello, people of the world... My name is Daniela García, I'm 26 years old, I'm 5'1"ft, I'm what people define as a "not good looking person" ...and I weight 163 pounds. More than one fact mentioned in the previous phrase, seems to be the problem that keeps me here, sitting and typing a wall of text.

According to what I've heard from people I know, according to what I've received, I can state, sadly and openly, that :iconzettai-cosplay: has been harrasing me, for longer than what I ever could expect, when I am not a threat for her, clearly...

I need someone to explain me WHAT THE DAMN HELL IS GOIND ON HERE?! PLEASE! Live your life and let me live mine!

PS: I would thank you a lot, if you share this, or if you give your opinion. I would love to know if some of you have been going through this situation before. I am someone who can handle this kind of shit, most of the time... But now, that I feel I went through enough shit, I can't let this pass, without letting you know, that "beauty" it is not everything...


I may not be perfect; I may not be pretty and skinny... But, I'm not a bad friend, I do try to be a good girlfriend, I would never cheat on someone, I don't talk shit about people, I am direct and honest as hell... And some good looking people out there, can eat tons of make-up, and they will never be "beautiful inside".

:new:According to what my beloved man :iconrau-le-creuset: just said, He is writting an article, with his point of view about this too. I will post a link to that when it is done.

Thanks for reading... :hug: :heart:
...And do not suggest me to change the phone number please )=... I already tried that.


FRESH NEWS! These guys keep bugging every single day. About :iconrau-le-creuset:'s article, He won't type anything...
Thanks to the kind, lovely and disinterested people who are commenting here. I thank y'all, the nice words to me and I will try to reply to every single message when I get to recover more of all this shit.

:new: December 17th 2013.
Thanks to :iconxulschwarz: for the nice words and the Premium membership; I didn't expect that :heart:!!!
Yes, I know, people... Her tattoo is stunning... :drool:

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